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Market Value is the price where you could buy an asset, such as stock, company or house today.
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What is Common Stock?

…profits, but common shareholders are not guaranteed a dividend. The Board of Directors votes on if and when you receive a dividend. You are also in the highest risk position….

What is Preferred Stock?

…own Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, the company doesn’t pay you any missed dividends. As a preferred shareholder, you have moderate risk. If the company goes bankrupt, preferred shareholders are not the…

The 3 Main Bond Components (Infographic)

…money. For an investor, the interest rate is the return you get for lending money to the issuer (assuming a par bond). Usually the riskier the issuer, the higher the…

What’s the Difference between Common and Preferred Stock?

…are in the highest risk position. This means they have the greatest potential for losing money. Preferred shareholders have moderate risk. This means they have the potential to lose money…

What is a Bond Coupon?

…In general, the coupon is higher on bonds from Issuers that are considered lower quality or risky. Because investors want to get paid more for the risk the Issuer won’t…

What are Long & Short Trading Strategies? A Trading Day Concept

…up or down depending on your strategy. Just make sure you understand the risks of each strategy. Have fun trading stocks by playing Trading Day, our free stock market game….

What is a US Treasury Bond?

…institutions to loan money to. It borrows money at the lowest interest rate of any US institution. This rate is called the Risk-Free Rate. When the US Government issues new…

What is a Corporate Bond?

…it is borrowing money from you, and it has to pay you back at a later date. The risk of a corporate bond depends on the quality of the Issuer….