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Market Value is the price where you could buy an asset, such as stock, company or house today.
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What is Preferred Stock?

…Many investors like this fixed dividend because they know the exact amount they are going to get each dividend payment. And it resembles the coupon payments of a bond. But…

Spending vs. Saving: Do You Know How To Save Money?

…complicated charts or reports, but instead we use simple language, entertaining videos and an addictive app that makes learning about finance easy. Follow us on social media and sign up…

What is a Bond?

…face value is the amount of money per bond that the institution pays you back when the bond matures. The second component is the Coupon. The coupon is the interest,…

The 3 Main Bond Components (Infographic)

…called a Premium Bond. When you buy a bond and pay less than the face value for it, the bond is called a Discount Bond. Coupon / Interest Rate The…

What is a Bond Coupon?

What is a Coupon? When you buy a bond, you are loaning money to the Issuer, and the coupon is what the Issuer pays you for loaning it money. The…

What is a US Treasury Bond?

…bonds, the risk-free rate is the coupon paid to investors. US Treasury Bonds are tax-exempt at the state level, which means when you receive your coupon payment, you don’t have…

What is a Municipal Bond?

…a 6% coupon. In 10 years, you will have received a total of $500 in coupon payments from the NYC muni bond, and a total of $600 in coupon payments…

What is a Corporate Bond?

…reward too. This is because the riskier the Issuer, the higher the interest rate, or coupon, will be on the bond. Corporate bonds are taxable at both the state and…