Expand your financial knowledge, the easy way.

Financial markets

We aren’t your typical financial education and media company.

Greenback Labs is a unique financial education and media company. We help people and organizations learn about investing and the financial markets the easy way — with simple language, entertaining videos and addictive apps.

If you want to learn how to start investing or get a basic understanding of the financial markets, we make it interesting and fun. Other companies try to teach you with complicated charts and reports, but we break finance down to its simplest level. All those concepts you never understood or words you were curious about — you can easily learn them with Greenback Labs.

Financial markets
About Lindsay LoBue: 20 years, one goal.

Greenback Labs founder Lindsay LoBue has spent 20 years navigating the financial markets and educating people along the way.

As a former Partner at Goldman Sachs, Lindsay started Greenback Labs to give everyone, no matter their financial experience, access to information about the financial markets. Frustrated with the lack of simple, easy to understand financial content available, Lindsay set out to create a platform where information about the financial markets was not only free of complex language but was delivered in an engaging way.  Greenback Labs is now a multi-media educational company, which strives to financially empower people everyday.